Above deck

On board you’ll have a good time. The wind blows through your hair, you’ll stare over the endless waters. You have to feel it, live it. Plenty of oppertunity for that, on board the Linde.

There is room to pull up the sails or take a sunbath on the middle and foredeck of the ship. The steel deck holds warmth and therefor is an excellent place for hanging out or taking a nap.

The midle deck has 6 benches en offers comfortable seats for everybody. Here you can enjoy with your collegues, friends or family of the trip, or throw a fabulous barbecue!

On the rear deck are extra seats with a fantastic view. The Linde has a high railing, therefor children can walk freely and safe on deck. And of course there is plenty of room below deck. 

There is so much to enjoy, while the babbling water dashes softly against the bow. All sails are hoised manualy. So with three main sails and three front sails it is a challenge to get them all up in the air. So come aboard and sail away..