The pantry

The open pantry is professionally facilitated. It will be no problem to prepare meals for 30 persons. And the contact with the living and the bar makes the kitchen a great place to be.You will find one large refridgerator with freezer compartment and one small refridgerator in the kitchen. Behind the bar is a refridgerator for cool drinks and extra storage.

The cooking range has 6 jets and an oven were 4 lasagna dishes can be placed. There is also a microwave. The sinks and L-shaped dresser make it possible for several persons to work in the kitchen. It is not strange that people stick around in the kitchen..

Next to the cooking range is a store-cupboard with 4 shelves. There os a hatch in the kitchen floor, in this space (2 by 2 m. 0,8 m. deep) is room for extra storage.

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